8 finest AR-15 Handguard choice of 2021 (complimentary drift & decline In Handguards)

V Seven Hyper-Light M-LOK Handguard AR-15

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V Seven presents just one more light in weight substance to our show: a blended metal and magnesium metal. They promise actually 30% much lighter as compared to very common 6061 aluminum while also getting healthier, and so the outcomes communicate on their own (find out dining table below).

Unlike Faxon’s carbon fiber handguards, which can be actually heavier than these V Seven handguards, the Hyper-Light handguards get a Picatinny railway on the roof and M-LOK or KeyMod slots in the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock spots. The Hyper-Lights likewise have sling supports per back. With such functions put together, it is arguably a light choice for plan of action and practical services.

Here are the measures and weights intended for the handguards alone.

The Best Fall In Handguards

For anyone with a limited forward vision groundwork and delta band installation which only aren’t prepared to improve change to a low-profile petrol neighborhood, here are the ideal decrease in AR-15 handguards.


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When considering the perfect decrease in polymer handguards, everyone’s psyche pay a visit to Magpul. The corporate practically developed the M-LOK setting process, which includes get to be the regular right now.

Beyond handguards, they may be a go-to vendor of backup sights, AR-15 publications, pistol grips, and lots of various other firearm portion.

$33.20 at Brownells

Prices valid at time of writing

Magpul MOE SL – Carbine Distance

Magpul’s MOE SL for carbine span gasoline techniques is the best affordable decline in compound handguard.

When compared to the standard MOE handguard and various items from competitiveness, the MOE SL continues lengthened to provide much more realty in the top look base.

Cost accurate at period of posting

Magpul MOE SL – Mid-length

Magpul has a MOE SL for mid-length software, with the same extensive and heat-resistant layout.

Most of the MOE SL handguards are available Ebony, FDE, OD, and Gray.

Here are the specs for that MOE SL for mid-length fuel software:

Last, this is a website link their rifle-length MOE Handguard for people weirdos with a rifle-length petrol process no free of charge move handguard.


The Leapers UTG ‘Super lean’ M-LOK 15″ decrease in handguard provides a prolonged handguard for any with a carbine-length petrol program. Each components match around your very own forward picture standard, giving you more mounting area.

The drawback to this idea much longer aluminum created is the fact that it’s weighty, considering 14.1 ounces. In addition it costs as very much like some entry-level free drift handguards.

$105.99 at Physics Environment

Pricing accurate at period of creating

Finding the right AR-15 Handguard back

Believe it or not, deciding the absolute best AR-15 handguard might actually get one of the most complex Concord escort girl judgements of create.

When you look at the subsequent segments, we are going to describe all other moves you’ll need to create that assist you go through your options.

Do you possess or want to need a leading picture block? In case you?

Before scuba diving into handguards, all of us really 1st have to reveal the AR-15 gas technique, much especially the gasoline block.

Vintage M4s and AR-15s need a limited top sight gas prevent, meaning your entrance picture and gas block which are related, as shown inside correct sq within the looks below.

These rifles furthermore normally have a delta ring system (shown in put sq), used to quite easily download fall in handguards.

BCM AR-15 Top With Precise Top Vision Platform and Delta Ring Set Up

Forward picture fuel prevents limit the length of the handguard you are able to put and frequently make it difficult or impossible to put a free of charge float handguard. A front sight gasoline prevent will likely often be present, most likely obstructing your own check out when making use of an optic like a red mark. Looking at the majority of people make the decision to run some sort of optic these days, I would advocate going for a low-profile fuel neighborhood in preference to a front vision petrol neighborhood.

Rainier Weapon AR-15 Top With Low-profile Fuel Prevent

What makes there nevertheless holdouts using a leading sight bottom?

Until not too long ago, you could claim expense had been one factor, as cost-free floated AR-15s are typically costlier. With that said, today you are able to commonly establish or get a cost-free floated AR-15 with almost no additional expense, if any.

The right one valid reason so you can have a leading vision platform is they’re most reliable than back-up sights and are also constantly truth be told there in the event the optic breaks down. Having said that, modern day back-up views have come quite a distance, just as features battery-life and consistency for purple dots.

With the exception of maybe those routinely focused on fighting, we read absolutely no reason to choose a forward picture platform. We select a low-profile fuel prevent, cost-free drift handguard, red dot/holographic view, and back-up views for even my room security and SHTF rifle setups.